Ministry of the Month - Tower of Light

Tower of Light Ministries is a place where those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions can find help and support. While many people are comfortable embracing homosexual behavior there are many people who feel that to do so would in conflict with their faith and/or desires.  We believe that everyone should be allowed to choose the direction for their life and we exist to help those who decide they don’t want to embrace their same-sex attraction and pursue homosexual behavior. This ministry is centered on the hope, love and power found in Jesus Christ to renew the deepest and most personal parts of our lives.

Tower of Light Ministries uses Christian discipleship; our focus is on helping people develop a deeper relationship with Christ and bringing Him into the areas of pain and wounding in our lives.  Our focus isn’t on making people heterosexual but on helping people live a life that’s in alignment with their faith.  While we don’t focus on making people heterosexual, many people find that their same-sex attractions diminish over time and some have reported developing heterosexual attractions. Regardless of where people find themselves in the journey, we’re here to support them.  Tower of Light Ministries does not utilize reparative therapy (reparative therapy is a form of counseling that some clinically trained therapists practice).